Announcements of Style2Paints in 2022 Spring

  1. We previously planned to release Project SEPA (Style2PaintsV5) before 2022. We decided to delay the release date to 2022 summer. This is because (a) our team members did not reach consensus on the functionality of the software. Some felt the software should be as simple as possible and we should remove overlapping features to ensure that our software was unique. Other members felt that we should add more systematic features to the software to achieve a studio level product. We are looking at whether to add more complex features or to remove some existing features to keep the current tool as simple as possible. And, (b) our team has recently made some breakthrough on the attention mechanism and transformer-based coloring methods, which we believe is very important, and we need time to put this mechanism into our existing framework.

  2. The delay of SEPA will not influence the open-source of previous Style2Paints. We plan to release the source code of Style2Paints V4 and V4.5 in 2022 Jan June.

  3. We will release the source code of many our previous projects (like Manga Filter, Flat filling, and Smart Shadow) one by one recently. To be specific, the Manga Filter will be released first, and the Flat filling and Smart Shadow will be released before the SEPA coming out.


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