Announcements of Style2Paints in 2022 Summer

  1. Style2Paints V4 and V4.5 are open sourced. You can download the source code and run it in your local python environment.

  2. In order to ensure the quality of software development, we are going to change the release steps of SEPA (Style2Paints V5). Before the release of SEPA, we will release a project called “Style2Paints V4 Remaster”. “Style2Paints Remaster” and “Style2Paints V4.5” are almost same in terms of functionality (except for some user experiences), the biggest difference is the use of a new user interface system called “SEPA UI”.

  3. “SEPA UI” is a studio-level User Interface Framework. SEPA UI is aimed at creating studio-like software with dynamic window management, docking tabs, advanced user interaction, and so on. Almost all studio softwares have their own studio-level UI framework like adobe photoshop, blender, unity, visual studio, jetbrain, etc. The development of SEPA UI is the most time-consuming and complicated job in our development cycle. Ensuring the robustness of SEPA UI is very important and this is the reason why we will first release “Style2Paints Remaster” to improve “SEPA UI”. Finally, “SEPA UI” is about 90% developed and 40% tested right now.

  4. The interface of all our future work will be based on “SEPA UI”.

  5. SEPA UI is based on Python+RPC+UAAL+IL2CPP+OpenGL (Python + RPC Procedure Call + Unity As A Library + Intermediate Language To CPP + OpenGL). All visual contents are drawn by OpenGL native draw calls and a deeply modified custom Kernel from Unity runtime library, without using UI libraries like Qt, Winform, UGUI, etc. We tested that SEPA UI is as fast as Blender UI and about 700% faster than Electron. SEPA UI is as comfortable as Blender UI. Windows/Mac/Linux are supported.

  6. Our previous announcement in 2022 spring is still valid. We are also working on other items.


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